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An interactive online Core Java Course, focused on practice with 1200+ coding tasks of varying complexity with code validation and virtual mentor support, they have a huge Community of Java beginners and specialists to help each other to learn. This is the best place to learn Java and for your practice in Java coding. Available in English, German, Polish, French, Chinese, and Hindi languages.

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Introduction to CodeGym Coupon Code?

Online courses offer convenience, but they can also make your wallet a little lighter. However, there are many ways to save money while buying courses online. One way is by finding a coupon code that will benefit you in a way you never thought possible.

CodeGym is a well known for their high-quality courses and tutoring services, but did you know they have a secret? No? That’s because we’ve been keeping it under wraps. The truth is, CodeGym has an exclusive coupon code that gives you 50% discount to save on your purchases from CodeGym when you use the the given coupon code at checkout. This isn’t just any old coupon code either, this coupon code will help you leveling up your skills and knowledge.

Why to choose CodeGym?

This Online Java Course is 80% Practice

You won't become a programmer just by reading books. To learn Java and become a programmer, you need to write a lot of code. CodeGym is an online Java programming course consisting of 80% practice and 20% of the essential Java theory. This is what you need to become a real Java developer.

Learn Java by Solving 1200+ Tasks

The CodeGym course includes 1,200+ hands-on tasks of increasing complexity. The tasks are small, but there are lots of them (lots and lots). You will write tons of Java code. Just enough to give you the experience you need to get a job.

Instant Solution Verification

Sometimes it takes forever to get your teacher to check your assignments and give you feedback. Don’t waste your time waiting! CodeGym's virtual mentor will check all your solutions in the blink of an eye!

Top-Notch Training to Master Java Basics

Studying shouldn’t be boring! That’s why their Java tutorial uses the latest techniques to make your learning easier, more interesting, and productive: visualization, storytelling, motivation, gaming, and two dozen other techniques that you have not even heard of. Sounds intriguing, isn't it?

500+ Hours of Java Practice and Coding

The Java course is divided into 40 levels. You can only advance to the next level if you have completed most of the tasks in the current one. The tasks start small and easy, and progress to big and very useful. Your brain will get an excellent workout! Anyone who reaches the end will gain 500+ hours of Java programming practice. That's a serious bid for victory. And for employment.

Learn Java Online Whenever You Want

The course is totally self-paced. You don't need to wait a few weeks or months for a group to form and the course to begin. Just click on "Start learning" button, and dive into the fascinating world of Java!



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FAQs | Coding Ninjas Coupon Codes

Everyone, regardless of age, can start learning on this course.

CodeGym is an interactive, gamified online Java programming course.

The course consists of four quests (Java Syntax, Core, Multithreading, Collections), each consisting of 10 levels. Each level includes short lectures on Java theory (one lecture per topic) and tasks to consolidate the obtained knowledge. Access to materials opens sequentially, as you progress through the course.

First of all, you will learn Java Core. This is the core of the Java language – everything that EVERY potential Junior Java Developer needs to know. And you will study this through practice, having solved more than 1200 tasks. From the second half of the course, you will also encounter such mini-projects as Sokoban, Star Wars games, online chat, ATM emulator, and more.

Additionally, besides Java, some of the lessons are devoted to the interview process and how to write a resume.

Learning on CodeGym will help you gain programming skills in the most efficient way.

It’s impossible to become a programmer just by reading a book or watching a video! To learn how to program you need to…well, program, and form the “correct” programmer thinking.

To help with this, there are more than 1,200 tasks of varying complexity and automatic verification. By solving all of the tasks you get more than 300-500 hours of practical experience. The combination of theory, practice, and – most importantly – review of the code you write – this is what CodeGym provides.

Programming is a practical activity. Therefore, no potential employer will believe even the most beautiful piece of paper confirming completion of a course, until they test the real skills. Therefore, we do not issue certificates.

Instead, we teach programming in such a way that a CodeGym graduate can get a job regardless of whether he has a diploma, certificate or other educational trophies.

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